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 Some Of The Services We Can Provide

Operating system installation - Repair and configuration
Windows 7,  8 , 10,  Vista,  XP

and all the old systems  2000 / ME / 98 / 95 / 3X

Networking, Maintenance and Administration

Configuring and Repairing Internet Connections
PC/Laptop on-site or off-site repairs
Implementation of PC upgrades such as system memory, graphic cards, modems, network cards,   CD-ROMs, DVD, DVD-RAMs, DVD-RWs etc
Installing and configuring licensed software applications
Fixing/replacing corrupt or faulty hard disks
Recovering lost or corrupt data
Implementation of data security such as securing small office and home networks against malicious attacks, viruses, disk failures etc
Building and assembling quality Personal Computers and small network servers at very completive prices

Other services We Offer:

Repairing/reinstalling corrupt installed software 
Customizing your desktop environment and software applications according to your specific needs
Optimizing your PC or network performance
General System Diagnostics
Repairing failed upgrades or system building
Virus Detection & Removal
Hard Drive Installation with Data Transfer
Memory Upgrades (Adding additional memory to your system)
Supplying   and fitting graphic card, modem, network card and     CD-Rom/DVD-Rom/CD-Rewriter installation and configuration
Windows NT & BackOffice Small Business Server Installation and configuration
Setting up and maintaining small office networks

Checklist of some other services on offer:

Replacing missing or corrupt driver files for your hardware.
Repairing invalid system boot configurations.
Reinstalling or repairing Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, and NT operating systems.
Eliminating computer fatal errors
Antivirus checks and looking for potentially dangerous dormant viruses within your system
Removing malicious active or dormant viruses from your computer
Updating and reconfiguring PC motherboard system BIOS.
Downloading and installing updated driver files.
Small network planning, installation and configuration
Checking and repairing your Windows Registry
Cleaning up old files that may be residual from installation attempts.
Scanning hard disk for valid File Allocation Table and boot record problems.
Performing hardware diagnostics, on memory, CPU, motherboard systems, and hard drives.
Checking for IRQ, and communication conflicts.
Diagnosing for corrupt, or missing driver files for your hardware
Fine-tuning your system using the latest state-of-the-art techniques and software



Gmail is the Google approach to email and chat. Supports external email readers with minimal spam. Provides unlimited free online storage that allows you to collect all your messages. To create an account log on to:


Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is your universal email program on the web, it offers unlimited storage, shows photos and videos in the inbox. Mail preview pane. Sends SMS text messages for free.. Integrated calendar, contacts, and instant messaging. To create an account log on to:


Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail is a free email service that gives you unlimited storage, fast search, solid security. It integrates with other email services and social networks. It works well with mobile web version. Ability to view photos, videos, and documents within the mail site. To create an account log on to:



Outlook.com provides free email with practically unlimited storage, it has excellent inbox organizational tools, it doesn't serve personalized ads, and it's all wrapped up in a simple, easy-to-use interface. To create an account log on to:


AIM Mail (AOL Mail on the web)

AIM Mail, AOL's free web-based email service, shines with unlimited online storage, very good spam protection and a rich, easy to use interface. AIM Mail is a very friendly, clean and usable email service. To create an account log on to:


iGloud Mail

iCIoud Mail is an email service from Apple with ample storage. You can send, receive, and organize email by using the Mail app on iCIoud. com from a Mac or Windows web browser. No matter which device you use, the changes are updated everywhere to keep your inbox and mail folders current. To create an account log on to:


Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a solid email service with ample storage, some integration with instant messaging and online office suites. Wide range of services. Good-looking interface. Ability to publish documents or spreadsheet data to any blog or website. To create an account log on to:


GMX Mail

Uniike other tedious web-based  email services, GMX Mail features drag & drop functionality with a modern design. It feels like you are using a desktop program! GMX offers the full range of services to organize your email traffic! To create an account log on to: